A Botanical Dyery

I was introduced to dyes made from plants after more than 30 years of dyeing wool with acid dyes for the quilting market. What I learned shifted my love of color and my work, and I found a need to facilitate change to a more sustainable, and safer fiber art.

Stitching has always been a source of joy and comfort for me. I started teaching others as part of my program of costume design in college. I held second jobs teaching both machine and handwork at quilt shops just as quilting was gaining in popularity. After retiring, I decided to work full-time with plant dyes, natural fibers and teaching others.

I am connected to a world network of natural dyers, makers, and artisans trying to change the fashion, fiber and art world to focus on using non-man-made materials. The movement is growing and I am happy to be a part, continuing to learn, and to pass it on to participants in my workshops. I hold classes in my dye studio, give presentation and classes on studio tours, and teach stitching and dye work at area quilt shops and other venues.